About us

In mythology, ambrosia is the food or the drink of the gods.
From this I was inspired to give the name to my restaurant.
I want my customers when eat the food cooked by me in a place with unique atmosphere and accompanied by the sound of running water behind them, with the Etruscan well, they feel special, like gods.
To achieve this ambitious goal requires care and attention to every details, not only in the kitchen, trying to honor our tradition and at the same time knowing how to be innovative.
Tradition and innovation are the basis for the construction of my restaurant since the renovation of an ancient property with its history and its remarkable passages then would become Restaurant Ambrosia.
We've uncovered many elements hidden by time (the arches, the inner well and the beautiful stone wall with a fall of rain-fed), but at the same time we used the best materials and modern components to ensure high level services.
Combination of tradition and innovation has also guided the choice of menu. This is divided into two parts, one with typical preparation, related to the area where I was born and raised, and one with with a cooking full of imagination, innovation and provocation.
I think it's duty of every chef know how to prepare dishes that are part of the context in which they were born and raised, but at the same time to test changes on these bases.
"A classic dish with a little touch of fantasy becomes a dish unique that only you can find in THAT restaurant, cooked in THAT way, according to the fancy of THAT Chef."

Matteo Sciarri

It 's time of presentation. My name is Matteo and I am Patron Chef and owner of the restaurant Ambrosia, I was born in Cortona in1986, the city where I still live now.
My passion for cooking was born when I was young and decided to dedicate my studies at the Institute Hotelier of Assisi.
After graduating from the Officer Professional Qualification for Hospitality Cooking at IPSSAR, in 2005 I graduated in high school in the same State. I felt that my school experience was not entirely complete, and then in 2007 I graduatedin "Professional Chef of Italian Cuisine" at the school of ALMA in Parma with rector Gualtiero Marchesi (who needs no introduction!).
About my work experience:
In 2001 and 2002 I frequentedprofessional internship at the restaurant of the Relais and Chateaux "Il Falconiere" in Cortona, restaurant with A Michelin Star , head chef Michele Brugioni and Richard Titi.
I also worked at the restaurant Tonino in Cortona (in 2003), at the Hotel "Alla Corte del Sole" in Trasimeno Lake in the province of Perugia (in 2005).
In 2006 I worked at the restaurant "Lido Lido" in Cesenatico, restaurant with A Michelin Star , head chef Vincenzo Cammerucci .
Since the end of 2006 to 2009 I worked at the restaurant "Il Postale" in Citta di Castello, a restaurant with A Michelin Star , head chef Marco Bistarelli .
In 2009 I returned in Cortona, and I began my experience at the restaurant "Il Melone" until early 2010. From 2010 to 2011 I worked at the restaurant "The Grasal" at the Castle of Monterone, Perugia (in 2010).
In August of 2011 I finally achieved my greatest desire, open my own restaurant.