"Cortona: mother of Troy and grandmother of Rome"
(Cortona said tract by the third book of Virgil's Aeneid)

Cortona is an Italian town of 23,036 inhabitants in the province of Arezzo, the main cultural and tourist center of the Val di Chiana. The surface of the municipality is the fourth largest in Tuscany (excluding the second provincial capitals) and 29 C in Italy. Lucumony ancient part of the twelve Etruscan, is located south of the province of Arezzo and south-east region of Tuscany on the border with Umbria.
From its 500 meters high and dominates the entire Valdichiana that stretches as far the eye to detect the peaks of Mount Amiata. It 's all surrounded by walls that are an interesting element of the landscape and a remarkable monument of archaeological importance. Its medieval buildings and narrow streets give the town an evocative atmosphere. The Basilica of Santa Margherita and the Franciscan Sanctuary of Celle invite the tourist to discover Cortona from, offering a journey of art and faith, a few steps from the historic center.
Walking, however, Ruga Piana, Via Nazionale, the only flat street in town, meets the Republic Square, dominated by the medieval Town Hall, Palazzo Casali, once the residence of the noble family from Cortona now houses the Museum of the Etruscan Academy. The castle houses an interesting collection of Etruscan and Roman archaeological finds.
At the north end of town, opposite the Cathedral, the Renaissance is the Diocesan Museum, a small office which contains works by great artists like Luca Signorelli and one of the most beautiful Annunciation by Fra Angelico.
Out of town at the foot of the hill, are the Meloni I and II of Sodo, Etruscan tumulus tombs of the sixth century BC
Towards Foiano della Chiana is the Abbey of Santa Maria in Farneta that, with its crypt, is one of the oldest expressions of Romanesque Arezzo.
An event not to miss Cortonantiquaria, one of the most interesting national antique fairs. The event takes place every year in the eighteenth century Palazzo and Palazzo Casali Vagnotti, last Saturday in August to the second Sunday of September.
Another unmissable event is the Tuscan Sun Festival, most important classical music festival that takes place every year in Cortona in the first week of August!
For lovers of photography, however, Cortona hosts the CortonaOnTheMove for the whole summer exhibits throughout the city in the most evocative.